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Built across a multi-chain ecosystem, the only Web3 Smart Contract builder that allows you to fully integrate your business, its processes and your data onto the Blockchain.

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Web3 studios focused on NFT IP rapid deployment across complex smart contracts. Understanding who their token holders are through identity flows that TouchBrick provides. Streamlined integration directly into their experiences. Tap into value streams and in-experience utility through our Metaverse integration capabilities.

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TouchBrick integrates utility to bring not only a decentralized audit of our customer's AI activity and rich integration with key marketing data, but we also drive economic incentives for the usage of their AI tech through token distributions, consumption, and phygital marketplaces. We empower AI technology providers to implement their models, ML Ops, and analytic workloads across a spectrum of on-chain and off-chain data. TouchBrick provides the means to enrich NFTs, generative or dynamic through AI data points - bringing life, interaction, and emotional personalization to an otherwise static token experience.

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