Cybersecurity For AI

Securing the Future of AI, One Dataset at a Time.

TouchBrick's Agent identifies sensitive data and replaces it with an unbreakable link to a guaranteed secure privacy vault.

AI extracts, encrypts, and stays ahead of emerging threats

Going beyond discovery and classification tools

Cybersecurity explanation

How TouchBrick Privacy Works

TouchBrick's AI Agent, TOBi, connects to your databases, data lakes, and servers, scanning them to understand context and content and red-flagging sensitive information. TOBi instantly extracts this data and moves it to an encrypted, protected vault.

Private key cryptographic encryption and multi-party computation (MPC)-based vaults protect your sensitive data. Verifiably random tokens, meanwhile, provide no exploitable mathematical relationship back to your original data.

TOBi automatically runs on-premise or in the cloud next to your data, ensuring seamless integration and security.

Use Cases
Train AI ethically, protect data responsibly.

In the education sector, safeguarding student data is paramount. But utilizing this data ethically holds immense potential for personalized learning and improved resource allocation.

TouchBrick Privacy bridges this gap, empowering AI and data providers to work with securely anonymized data while keeping parents and educators in complete control.

Secure Health Data, Build Patient Trust: AI-Powered Cancer Diagnostics

Imagine facing a cancer diagnosis and navigating the complex world of personalized treatment options. You want the best possible care, but privacy concerns might make you hesitant to share your sensitive medical data with powerful AI algorithms.

This scenario is where the future of healthcare meets the crucial need for ethical data practices.

Imagine a platform that leverages cutting-edge AI for cancer diagnostics while simultaneously prioritizing your complete data privacy.

Full data transparency meets ironclad security

Vaults: Share data securely without compromising privacy.

Privacy detective: Privacy detective: Uncover hidden risks and ensure compliance.

Tick all the boxes: With TOBi stay ahead of regulations with built-in compliance.

Randomize and anonymize: Unlock the power of data, securely.

Train your AI ethically: Unleash the power of synthetic data.

API simplicity: Protect your data without disrupting your users.

Privacy API

Easily integrate TouchBrick Privacy into websites, games, spatial, and mobile.

TouchBrick’s REST APIs focus on simple, intuitive integration. Developer experience is vital, enabling leading tokenization and data protection —elegant abstractions over complex cryptography. The APIs allow granular access controls with minimal effort.
TouchBrick Privacy
Stay ahead of regulations

Makes it easy to store your data securely and comply with regulations. Our software automates tasks like data encryption and access control, so you can focus on running your business. We comply with industry standards like HIPAA and GDPR, so you can be confident that your data is safe.