Shayra Antia

About Shayra

Driven by the revolutionary potential of decentralized technologies, I've been actively involved in the crypto space since 2018. As a seasoned investor, I've successfully advised and built numerous projects across DeFi, SocialFi, and RWA sectors.

My expertise lies in crafting innovative token-economic systems that incentivize sustainable value growth.Beyond investments, I'm deeply passionate about building open, decentralized protocols that empower users. This passion led me to co-found TouchBrick, a startup at the forefront of Web3 interaction. With our groundbreaking technology, we're transforming how users engage with the blockchain.Brining one of my portfolio companies into a successful IPO on the CBOE. This experience provided invaluable insights into scaling and navigating complex financial markets.I'm a firm believer in fostering inclusion and breaking barriers within the tech industry.

As a first-generation Latin American woman, I strive to pave the way for others by actively mentoring and supporting diverse talent.